Vape Juice, Nic Salts and More.

The vape juice market is tricky and ever changing and as you might imagine, the array of flavors and types (and quality) of vaping juice and hardware is nearly infinite. Add to this the uncertainty of legality and possible flavor bans which makes it even more dynamic. It is for this reason that we at Santa Clara Smoke Shop carry a limited selection of vape products. We carry Emerald Vapors flavors in the most popular strengths and flavors. However, you spoke and we have we have expanded on our selections to include Ripe 100 flavors, ModFogz and Limited Edition by Savage Vape. Throughout the year, we may add more flavors and brands for you, but we want to keep it real and make sure what we provide for you is of the highest quality at the best price, with the best customer service.

We have recently delved into the disposable vape market, as well. To that end, we carry many brands and flavors of your favorite disposable sticks. The selection changes daily, so come in and take a look.

Come by, check out our selection and pick up a Frequent-Vaper Card -- 10 stamps earns you $10 in store credit!

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