Locally blown glass pipes and smoking accessories

Wide selection of natural wellness products.

E-Juice, Nic Salts and Disposable Vapes

Boutique & Bohemian Styles

Cigars, Papers and Roll-Your-Own Tobacco

Pocket bubblers! Get ‘em quick. ...
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Ready to quit nicotine but not ready to quit having a smoke? Try Plain Jane hemp smokes. High CBD, non-psychoactive. Regular, full flavor and menthol. Come check em out. ...
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On this MLK holiday let’s just act like we believe in peace and love. So tired of violence, hate, property destruction. I have a dream... ...
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All clothing 25% off throughout the month of January. Come help us clear the racks so we can make room for new styles (coming soon)! ...
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1 month ago

Santa Clara Smoke Shop
Will the owner of this tote please call Eugene Police Department to reclaim your property. #fuckingassholes #thanksfornothing ...
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