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Don’t go to just any tobacco store. Come to Eugene’s finest Roll Your Own Tobacco supplies headquarters!
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Roll Your Own

Roll Your Own (RYO) Tobacco has long been an economical alternative to cigarettes. Besides the savings, rolling your own cigarettes, while no safer for you, reduces or eliminates additives, so at least you know what’s going into your smoke. So, if you want to give it a try, we have a reasonable selection and competitive prices on tobacco, papers, and other supplies to help you make the best of your RYO experience. 

Come in today for American Club, Largo, OHM, Stokkeby’s (Danish, Norwegian, Amsterdam, Turkish), and American Spirit tobacco. Want to try something a little exotic? Come check out our Dokha from Kingdom Tobacco. Trying to go smokeless? We carry Zyn and Fre nicotine pouches, only (no tobacco-based smokeless items).

Papers, Tubes & Wraps

Papers! Papers! Papers! We have an extensive selection of papers, tubes and wraps for you to choose from. Our wide selection ranges in price from $5 down to $1! Santa Clara Smoke Shop carries many flavors of Juicy Jays, Hemparillo, Tasty Puff Cones, Cyclones and Zig Zag Wraps. If you are not into flavors, don’t despair! We also have papers and tubes from Raw, Elements, Gizeh, ZigZag, OCB and many more.

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Cigar Stash.


Whether you are looking for hand-rolled or something a little more economical, find the cigar you need at Santa Clara Smoke Shop.  We carry a limited selection of premium cigars, including Macanudo, Casa de Garcia, Baccarat, Romeo & Julieta, Havana Honeys, Arturo Fuente, Partagas, and Drew Estate.  On a budget?  No problem because we also have Cuban Rejects Garcia Y Vega, Cuban Rounds, Backwoods, Djarum (Mild & Special), Swishers and other economy-priced cigars.   Need a gift or something to travel with?  Pick up a tin of Deadwood Sweet Janes, Kentucky Fire or Monte Cristo minis.