Vape Juice, Nic Salts and More

Vape Juice, Nic Salts and More.

The vape juice market is tricky and ever changing and as you might imagine, the array of flavors and types (and quality) of vaping juice and hardware is nearly infinite. Add to this the uncertainty of legality and possible flavor bans which makes it even more dynamic. It is for this reason that we at Santa Clara Smoke Shop carry a limited selection of vape products.

Some of our brands include e-juice and nic salts by Emerald Vapors, Cloud Nurdz, Coastal Clouds, One Up Vapors and Savage/Ripe  Throughout the year, we may add more flavors and brands, but we want to keep it real and make sure what we provide for you is of the highest quality at the best price, with the best customer service.  Need something to put your juice in?  We also carry starter kits and coils/pods by SMOK and Joyetech.

Just want a disposable?  We have a rotating flavor selection from Hyppe, Bang, Mr. Vapor, Vape Nunu, Flum, Cloud 3 in 1, and Mega Puff.  Come see if we can match your needs with one of our disposables –some you can’t find anywhere else nearby

Come by, check out our selection and pick up a Frequent-Vaper Card — 10 stamps earns you $10 in store credit!


A small sample of our regular flavors. For our most current offerings visit the store or check our Facebook page @SantaClaraSmokeShop

Which Device Should I use?

We want you to feel confident in your knowledge of the vape industry and vape products when your shopping at Santa Clara Smoke Shope.

Not all devices are created equally. Most importantly, be sure to read all product descriptions and warnings for your safety and to get the most out of your vape experience. Using the wrong product with your device could lead to burnt coils, damage to your device or could lead to nicotine poisoning.
Use caution and vape safely by researching the correct products for your device or ask us about our vape products.