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Santa Clara Smoke Shop is setting the trend as a quality supplier of botanicals and wellness products.  While we are not health professionals, we have researched and tried all botanical products sold in the store.  Come in and check out our selection.


Currently we stock Kratom and Kava in the following brands: Sunstone Organics, Society Botanicals, Pure Infinity Botanicals/KavaKo, Earth, Choice Botanicals, Kraken, Apna Botanicals, Kx,, MIT 45 and Happy Hippo. We have many sizes to choose from, capsules, extracts and powder in all your favorite strains.


Found in Southeast Asia and Africa, kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree in the coffee family. When kratom interacts with the brain’s opioid receptors, there have been reports of people saying that it relieves pain and helps overcome opioid addition.
Some studies have shown that lower doses of kratom have the capability to make you more alert, but higher does can result in decreased pain and sedation.
Traditionally, kratom leaves are chewed or drank a tea. It can also be found in tinctures, extracts, and resins.

Wellness Products/Novelties

Need to cleanse your system or have a little fetish fun?  Ask at the register for Vale, Quik Fix, or X-Stream (over 21, ID required).