Botanicals/Wellness Products

Santa Clara Smoke Shop is setting the trend as a quality supplier of botanicals and wellness products.  While we are not health professionals, we have researched and tried all botanical products sold in the store.  Come in and check out our selection.

ETHNOBOTANICALS; Currently we stock the following brands: Sunstone Organics, Divine, Lotus Botanicals, Earth, Choice Botanicals, Kraken, Apna Botanicals, Kx, Blissful Botanicals, Eagletree Herbs, MIT 45 and Bumblebee. We have many sizes to choose from, capsules, extracts and powder in all your favorite strains.

CBD: We carry CBD edibles and tinctures ranging in strength from 125mg (in a botanical blend) through 2,000mg. Our brands include, Tyson Ranch, Ancient Medicinals, Mile High Cure, and Sonara. Our newest addition is smokable hemp flower. Our flower is from local, Oregon farms such as Able Hemp, Bella Canna and Living Earth.

WELLNESS PRODUCTS: Bath bombs, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, soap, facial masks, pain patches, pain sticks, topical balms and lotions. Most are CBD based, but we have many blends, as well.

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